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We need your help! With students set to enroll this fall we need to be able to ensure scholarship assistance for deserving students. Please take a look at this’ letter and consider how you can help. Thank you.

August 10, 1999

Dear Friend of Northeastern Bible College:

King’s is Back! And with it Northeastern Bible College through its Northeastern Institute of Biblical Studies.

The July 16” decision by the New York State Board of Regents makes it official. At their July meeting the Board of Regents voted to approve the program of The King’s College paving the way for the College to begin classes as an accredited institution in September. The long-awaited decision is testimony to God’s continued faithfulness on behalf of King’s.

Now, the job at hand is to bring together the first freshman class for the “new” King’s. While we have compiled hundreds of names of students interested in the College, our prayer is that we would select the highest quality students who would benefit from a King’s education. Our commitment to excellence is certain — we are looking to recruit 100 students with exceptional academic and spiritual credentials.

In a bold initiative, King’s has opted Out of the federal financial aid program — a course pursued by other colleges who have wanted to minimize intrusive government regulations. Instead the College will rely on institutional grants combined with financial aid from New York State, one of the most generous programs in the country. Clearly this decision makes the need to build endowments for financial assistance critical to the future of the College.

To realize this goal, we are embarking on a three-step process:

1. We will re-fund all endowed scholarships that were part of King’s prior to the 1994 closing. Integrity dictates this step. These scholarships will be maintained through a separately incorporated foundation that will prevent the monies from ever being used in a manner different from the wishes of the donor.

2. As a long-term strategy, we will continue to develop endowments for student scholarships as a means of finding student financial aid. The interest from funds invested through the separately incorporated foundation will be used to assist future leaders. Already the Northeastern Institute of Biblical Studies has the beginnings of established endowments thanks to the contributions and support of Northeastern Bible College alumni and friends.

3. For this fall, we would like you to be challenged to establish scholarships for qualified students.

You know the impact that King’s and Northeastern have had on the lives of young people throughout their combined 85-year history. You have the opportunity today of ensuring that another generation will be taught to serve Christ in ministry in an environment that encourages quality scholarship and leadership development.

We need your help to make this possible. Students who want to attend the Northeastern Institute of Biblical Studies and who have the potential to make a difference for the cause of Christ through the careers they choose, will not be able to attend without your response to this letter. I would ask you to prayerfully consider your role in this.

Thank you for all you have done to make this exciting day possible. Please continue to pray for The King’s College.


Friedhelm K. Radandt

PS: You can help fund a Charles Anderson Founder’s Scholarship or an Agnes M. Tracy Leadership Scholarship. There is no better way to honor these two NBC leaders than to help establish a find that will be used to train the next generation of Christian leaders.