Jerry Griswold and Jimmy Halliday - circa 1952

West Orange, NJ

When asked to identify the location at which this photo as taken, Jacqueline Griswold Malcolm responded as follows:

It could be West Orange at any of the gas stations. This one looks similar to the one that Sal worked at in Tory Corner in West Orange on Main Street across from Edison Junior High School. I've never seen this photo before so I don't know who took it. Jimmy Halliday lived on Eagle Rock Avenue in West Orange so it could have been a gas station up there but I doubt it. The date? Probably before we got married or even were dating. Your dad looks very young as I've seen him "look like that" in pictures when he would be working with Larry. Maybe age 23??? Your dad was 25 when we dated....

Since Jerry was born in 1930, this picture would have been taken about 1952.

Jerry Griswold and Jimmy Halliday