William Howard Griswold's college dorm, 1977

Northeastern Bible College
Essex Fells, New Jersey

The following article appeared in the December '77
issue of Campus Chronicles, the college paper.

A Letter From Home

Dear George-Who-Rooms-With-Bill:

My prayers are with you during these holidays.  May the Lord give you the strength to endure Bill's dirty laundry pile and ignore his attempts to turn your dorm into the stable at Bethlehem.  In honor of the Christmas holidays, I am sending a year's supply of Glade Air Freshener and one pair of swimmer's nose plugs.   Bill will be delivering them in his station wagon, so expect to receive them on or about Dec. 23 or 24... 1984.

Having lived with Bill for 17 of his 19 years, I now look into his empty room with tears in my eyes.  Bill is gone, so is his three-week old laundry which used to gently carpet his room like a soft bed of fungus, gone from his room is the patter of little feet of the tiny little mice making nests in his garbage...yes, there are tears in my eyes (which I think is from the residual odor).

So as the holidays approach and Bill's laundry creeps slowly but steadily towards your side of the room threatening to engulf you like a science fiction monster, you'll know I'm thinking of you.  So keep your chin up, George, (no pun intended), ... God is everywhere (even under a pile of laundry) and He'll watch out for you.


Bill's Mom

Bill Griswold
The Ghetto Room