Bill Griswold at Dover High School

Bill attended Dover High School from 1972 to 1976.  Here he provides captions for the following pictures from the Dover High School 1976 yearbook. dhstiger.jpg (16128 bytes)

1976 Dover High School Yearbook
Dover, NJ

3 of us on a cart I enjoyed working in the Audio/Visual center.   Technical work was much more interesting than dumb boring classes.

One day in the AV center, my friends Dave Rinaldo, Marty Chang, and I discovered Griswold's corollary:

Three shelves on an AV cart - three students on AV duty - coincidence?

The next day we made a remarkably similar discovery:

3 carts - 3 students

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In 1976 a number of us tried out for the school play, The Music Man. We each had to sing a few scales in order that our singing ability be assessed.   Those of us whose singing didn't curl the chest hairs of Pete Crosta, our beloved music teacher were assigned to musical parts.  I was assigned to sing in the Barbershop Quartet, singing songs such as Lida Rose, Goodnight Ladies, and How Can There Be Any Sin in Sincere?

At left is a two-story heap of scrap wood.   It is incomprehensible to me now at my current ripe age that I could ever have done such a thing.  Nowadays I can't even jump to conclusions without jangling or twisting something.

I was in my heyday on Halloween 1975.  In my book, that was legalized Gross Day, and I made sure I was dressed for the occasion.  Here I am sporting an eggshell adorned by blue magic marker topped off by catsup and mayonnaise.

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Don't ask me if there was a name for the hair style in my senior yearbook picture up above. All I can think of now is that it reminds me of one of the hats that Russians wear when it's cold out.

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This picture includes many of the students who made it possible to break the world record for the longest volleyball game. Click here to see pictures of the volleyball marathon.