John Love, 1982-1983

In the last year of his life, John Love enjoyed two special events:

In 1982 the only great-grandchild that he ever knew was born - Mindy,born in December 1982, within the last 12 months of his life. In the fall of 1982 he attended the wedding
of his daughter Jacqueline Grace to James Malcolm.

John Love died on August 31, 1983
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John Love with Mindy Drexel LEFT - John Love with Mindy Drexel, 1983

RIGHT - John Love attends the Malcolm/Griswold wedding, 1982

BELOW - John Love was an active ham radio operator.  His call sign was K2JDW.

John Love's call sign - K2JDW


Many years later his granddaughter Nancy Drexel obtained her ham radio certification using these same call letters:  K2JDW


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John Love attends the Malcolm/Griswold wedding