ETF Medical/Evangelism Trip 1999
Evangelism Task Force
Calabozo, Uverito, Venezuela
August 1999

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The Medical Clinic Break Time Evening Meal
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We went to Venezuela with Evangelism Task Force, a medical mission that does evangelism in conjunction with medical clinics. We were part of a team of 4 people from the States. The other 2 people were from Kentucky and one of them was a vet who knew enough about medicine to be of help in the care of people. When we arrived we were met by the director of the mission who works full time in Venezuela. We went there to work ALONG SIDE the Spanish speaking brothers & sisters from a local church in some evangelism/clinic projects both in town and at a nearby village.

Our net time of ministry in Venezuela was 5 days (with 3 days travel on either end). This is what our schedule was like:

SUN (August 1st) - We arrived in the city of Calabozo in the late afternoon. Because of heavy rains, the evening service at our hosting church was cancelled (because most of the people walk a great distance to church). We spent the evening at the mission director's house.
MON - We went to a nearby village (named Uverito) of about 700 people who'd already been told the gospel. We held a medical clinic (which Debbie helped out with) and we went door to door inviting people to it and talking to people about the Lord (which is what Bill did). At the clinic we gave out de-worming pills & treated minor conditions. 7 people of the 50 that came to the clinic that day became Christians.
TUE - We did the same thing as on Monday. At the end of the day, we had a service for the believers in that village. I believe there was another half dozen people who became Christians at the clinic that day.
WED - In the city of Calabozo (a small city about 20 blocks wide by 30 blocks long)), we went to the poorer sections of town where people couldn't afford medical treatment & went door to door with our medicine. At each stop we would visit with the people, invite them to Thursday's clinic being held at the church, find out about how they were doing (health-wise), help them out medically if we could, and then talk to them about the Lord. At one house there was about a dozen people that I heard do a repeat-after-me prayer to receive Christ. While it is difficult to gauge the effectiveness of group conversions, one thing seems likely - that at least some of the group were saved and the rest will now have more of an ear open for the Lord's voice.
THU - During the day we held a clinic at the church. I believe ten people prayed to receive Christ on that day. Since a mandatory part of the clinic is spiritual counseling, everybody got to hear the gospel and was invited to become a believer. During the evening we helped out at a young people's meeting at the church. I told the Bible story - about David & Goliath.
FRI - We spent the morning at the mission director's house & then left at noon for our return trip home.

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On the Way Home