Bill Griswold's Family Photos

Ada Anne (Stiles) Vreeland - Age 40, Newark, NJ


Enoch Edwards Burnet
Mathew Love
Nancy (Kyle) Love
Maud & John Love, Jr. - 1897

Annie Love & Children, Limavady, Ireland - 1904
Grace Burnet Ross

John Love, Ventriloquist, circa 1915
Fredrick Clarence Griswold - 1916
AJ Weidt - 1917

Fredrick Clarence Griswold with father Ferdinand & uncle Albert - 1920-1922
John Love, Sr., 1925
Julia and Fred Griswold, 1926
The Levitation of the Mysterious Princess "Uni" - about 1926
John Love, Sr. and Annie Love
John Love, Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, NJ, 1929

Eunice Love, Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, NJ, 1929
Larry, Bob, and Fred Griswold
AJ Weidt - 1929

Jerry Griswold - 1932-1933
"The House That Jack Built" - House built by John Love and his father, John Love, Sr.
John Love & the Barnyard Boys of Hickory Tree
Albert Griswold, West Orange

Jacqueline Grace Love, Gaston St., West Orange, NJ, 1943
Roger Love, Gaston St., West Orange, NJ, 1943

Jacqueline Grace Love & Peter Mick
Jacqueline Grace Love & Peter Mick, 1941
Jacqueline Grace Love & Peter Mick, 1942
Jacqueline Grace Love, Gaston St., West Orange, NJ, 1944

Jacqueline Grace Love, mid 40s
Julia Griswold, Union St., Orange, NJ 1945
Jacqueline Grace Love & Pupsey, 1947
Clifford Ross at "The Farm", 1947

Bob & Larry Griswold, 1950
Larry & Jerry Griswold, 1952

Jerry Griswold & Jimmy Halliday, circa 1952
Ina (Griswold) Whitaker, circa 1953
Jacqueline Love, early '50s
Jerome Albert Griswold, army uniform, early '50s
Jacqueline Grace Love, mid '50s
Julia Griswold
Roger Love, mid '50s

Jerome Albert Griswold & Jacqueline Grace Griswold, with Richard Whitaker, late '50s

Jerome Albert Griswold & Jacqueline Grace Griswold, with Ina Whitaker, late '50s
Jerome Albert Griswold, late '50s
Jacqueline Griswold feeding duck, 1957
Jacqueline Griswold with bird, 1957

William Howard Griswold, baby photo, 1958
William Howard Griswold, baby photo, January 1959
Jacqueline Griswold & William Griswold at Lincoln Memorial, Spring 1959
William Howard Griswold's first birthday party, November 11, 1959
John Love, Christmas 1959

Eunice Love, Spring 1960
Bill Griswold, diaper/sandbox, early '60s
Jerry Griswold, early 60s
Effie (Clark) Whitaker, early '60s
Nancy Griswold, early '60s
Dover home, early '60s
Bill & Nancy Griswold, 1961

Bill Griswold, June 1961
Bill Griswold sleeping, December 24, 1962
Bill Griswold & dog Heidi, Summer of 1963
Bill Griswold starts Kindergarten, fall 1963
Griswold Family, 1964
Bill Griswold in First Grade, 1964-1965
Glenda, Larry, & Mark Griswold, '60s
The Griswold Brothers, Christmastime, '60s

Lawrence Griswold, wintertime, '60s

Lawrence Griswold, '60s

Bill Griswold in Second Grade, 1965-1966
Mine Hill home, winter 1965
Aerial view of Mine Hill property, April 1969
Bill & Nancy Griswold with their dog Heidi, mid 60s
Homemade trailer by Jerry Griswold, 1966
Lipstick, the Griswolds' horse, September 25, 1967
Route 46 School, Bill & Nancy's Griswold's first school

Bill & Nancy Griswold, Mine Hill Memorial Day Parade, 1970
Bill & Nancy Griswold play "Lost In Space", early '70s
Bill Griswold, 1971
Nancy Griswold, 1971

Bill Griswold, Maine canoe trip, August 1973
Bill Griswold playing guitar, mid '70s
Billy, Jerry, & Nancy Griswold performing their respective acrobatic feats, 1974
Bill Griswold, 1975 school picture
Eunice Love, Nancy Griswold, John Love, Bill Griswold, 1975
Bill Griswold and James Reed, hay ride, 1975
Bill Griswold, Yankee Stadium, 1975
Bill Griswold & Dianne Galanti, 1975
Larry Griswold & Mark Richards (collage)
Bill Griswold & Elsa, the German Shepherd, 1976
The Dover High School Volleyball Marathon, 1976
Pictures from the Dover High School 1976 yearbook
Jacqueline, Bill, & Nancy Griswold, 1976
Nancy Griswold, High School picture, late '70s
Bill Griswold & Stuart Zaharek, 1977
Volkswagon Accident, 1977
Bill Griswold at Camp Cherith, late '70s
Bill Griswold's college dorm, 1977
Bill Griswold playing piano, Northeastern Bible College, 1978
Bill Griswold on a Tractor, late '70s
Bill Griswold, Northeastern Bible College, 1979

Griswold/Casterline Wedding, 1981
Griswold/Rodgers Wedding, 1981
Malcolm/Griswold Wedding, 1982
George Schirmer's Wedding Party, 1983
Jack Love - Man of Many Talents, 1983
Christmas in July, 1983
John Love's Last Year, 1983
Bill, Mary, and Maureen Griswold, Bloomfield, CO, 1984
Bill Visiting Jerry & Maureen Griswold, Wayside, NJ, 1984
Computer Nook, 1984
Camp Cherith, 1984
Bill kisses dog, 1986
Bill, Nancy, Mike, 1986
Wild West Photo - mid '80s
Bill & Dogs, 1987
Bill, Lori (Casterline) Boss, Meg Beebe, Billy Beebe, December 1987
Bill in Ministry, 1987-1989
Bill Griswold camping with Diana & Denise Murphy, Summer 1989
Bill Griswold doing a skit while camping, Summer 1989

Bill Griswold with JAARS youth at work camp, Summer 1989

Bill Griswold, Missionary, 1990
Bill Griswold, Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), 1990
Griswold/Murphy Wedding, 1991
Bill & Debbie Griswold in old fashioned western clothes, 1991
Bill & Debbie Griswold, Missionaries, 1991
Bill Griswold & Marilyn Monroe, 1992
JAARS Youth Christmas Party, 1992
Bill Griswold, 1997
Bill Griswold in a bunny outfit, 1998
Bill & Debbie Griswold's missions trip to Venezuela, 1999
Kent Winton & Madison Myers, grandchildren, wearing face paint, 1999
Kent & Ian Winton, grandchildren, 1999

Bill Griswold, Leading Singing, May 2000
Debbie Griswold, Teaching Sunday School, April 2000
Debbie Griswold, Making Cotton Candy, April 2000
Bill Griswold in a bunny outfit, April 2000
Another picture of Bill in a bunny outfit, April 2000
Bill Griswold with kids in Sunday School, June 2000

Bill Griswold as Moses, June 2000
Bill and Debbie Griswold telling a Bible story, June 2000

Bill Griswold telling a Bible story, June 2000

Bill & Debbie Griswold - old fashioned clothes, June 2000

Bill & Debbie Griswold at Renaissance wedding, June 2000

Bill Griswold - Sunday nap with Sugar & Sally - March 2002
Bill Griswold - Pirate DJ & emcee at wedding reception - July 2002
"Bright Idea" - Bill & Debbie Griswold plant bulbs - April 2004
Murder Mystery Dinner - Bill & Debbie Griswold - November 2004

Granny's Memorial Service - December 7, 2005
Bill Griswold & Joanna van Pelt, Peru - November 2006
Bill Griswold provides tech preview of Windows Server 2008 to the Carolinas IT Professionals Group (video)
Bill Griswold sleeps with dogs in Arequipa, Peru - November 10, 2008

Bill Griswold and "Daddy's Girl" Sally, May 29, 2010
Dave Westerman, Bill Griswold, and Sally, May 29, 2010
Jackie Malcolm and Bill and Debbie Griswold, March 27, 2011
Santa and Mrs. Claus, December 23, 2012
The Card - recycled since 1973
Wild West Photo - Bill, Debbie, and Jackie at Myrtle Beach, June 1, 2015
Bill and Debbie Griswold, July 21, 2015
Santa and Mrs. Claus, December 1, 2018

Bill Griswold teaches at Waxhaw Bible Church - Christ in the Old Testament - Book of Joel, September 13, 2020 (video)
Bill Griswold teaches at Waxhaw Bible Church - Christ in the Old Testament - Book of Amos, September 20, 2020 (video)
Bill and Debbie Griswold share the Reason for the Season with the foster kids and their families - Five Stones Church, December 5, 2020 (video)